Monday, December 27, 2010


the frost passed the time
running its fingers
through the woods

picking and pulling
until everything
was still

i crossed the line
without ever acknowledging
the bridge

and when i shook her hand
previous nights, laid calm
turned to glass

we spoke in tongues
and never once
spoke a vowel

hung in the knotted absence
of retrospect
in windows and door frames

where exits
and entrances

Monday, December 13, 2010


never stood a chance
-it's not enough
to coalesce-

only whispers gather here.
their arms, long and brittle
as fragile as the night air
-hushed- around a lustful breath.

wishes and prayers
parch and bleed
where delicacy and depth
circle the fire

reaching out for each other-
and turning to ash
for unremittence
discovered in the cusp

of hands
held from lips
to ears, and eyes
not found.

Friday, December 3, 2010

-rerum concordia discors- a collaboration with christy harrington

the cost of courting
a sliver of heaven
-ad nauseam-
in the belly of hel
lwith nothing left of a soul
to enjoy it

the stars
and none the richer
the rust of a weathered sky
-ad infinitum-
in holed pockets
saved for rainy days
never spent

where the edge of longing
carries the sound of silk
ripping along the seams
a candy cane smile
running out of time
caught in the mire

and that pittance
such a pity
shall be buried amidst the living
as the cost of courts proclaim
-rerum concordia discors-
and all those imaginary kingdoms
are left with no place
but to dwell

if only in their complicity
where colorful cautions
still riddle the crook
of every outstretched hand
-cleverly closed-
in doorways
and later found wandering the streets

with likehearted criminals
thieves, if only borrowers
wishing never to return
man in admiration of his own -shiny off switch-
woman inept in anything beyond +ongoing love+
both roaming lonely in treacherous corridors
one with empty pockets
the other, void of