Monday, January 24, 2011

the parameters of inclusion

so insistent...

it's such a contribution,
how to reconcile
-the what and the why
to reconsider-

when the rain falls
like blemishing
without blood,
or bleeding
without blush.

where every new hand
builds faster than the first one,
just like every new syllable
brings every sentence
closer to the edge of the page,
only to start over
closer now
to the bottom.

like standing on death row
waiting -longing- for a seat,
or laughing into our hands
when and where
we're too scared to look.

it's not without knowing.
not without the flood.
the fall.
the faults
and factory lines.

questionable, yes.
but emphasis is unnecessary
when forced to acknowledge
every option- yet remaining,
once it begins getting cold


wildchild said...

you are the epitome of cool.
love this writing

seth elkins said...

thank you, violet.