Friday, January 21, 2011


there are some 'things'
that nothing
-and nothing, alone-
can out race

something 'fantasy'
-whether pleasure or pain-
can never prepare [you]
-with or without- for.

in fact,
something like the color
of waking up
-or walking in-

some where
you don't live-

some place
-a place that otherwise-
you might have stopped
to rest.


alex said...

something like the color/
of waking up

man, that hits.

seth elkins said...

thanks, alex.

wildchild said...

very cool. i like this

waitressinpurgatory said...

are thiese riddles?, i think my brain just changed shapes i'm going to have to come back again and again and again. The sign of a great poem, every time you read it you get something new from it.

seth elkins said...

thank you, violet. good to see you here.

waitressinpurgatory, thank you for reading. nothing cryptic here, but please, feel free to dig around. that's where all the flavor is.