Friday, February 25, 2011

hollow cost

the window frames
lean over and moan
like the most beautiful eyes
collapsing into sleep.

the neons flicker
and sentences
begin to trail off
into ellipsis-filled retreat.

in most cases
the casual estimate of contents
would be appropriate,
if not matter-of-factly expected.

but this routine is different,
what with catalysts aside,
comforts beside ones self,
and safety, safely tucked away.

it'll be morning soon.
and without proper alibi
and/or appeasing,
it'll soon be a night

of christ on a cross
noosed around our necks;
the devil in our hands,
cradling the pendulum.


marina said...

your words feel good with the last coffee cup of the day. go well with the aftertaste of bitter.

seth elkins said...

well thank you.

Lola Nation said...

brilliant! Love the last line particularly - to hold the ever moving -- it just makes me itchy!

seth elkins said...


waitressinpurgatory said...

I like. and then I like some more.

seth elkins said...

thank you