Sunday, April 17, 2011

[ultra]omnipotent paradox, the

she'd been inching closer
and i'd been sleeping longer
in the shadows cast by her figure

it was warmer there.

her legs
wrapped around my words
and littered the floor like blindfolds
tied clandestine
in clumsily executed knots.

she found the collapse of will
in the hierarchy of settling in
and falling for her breath.

...          ...          ...

where coarse
and brittle words
would have hung the noose
much farther from reach,

i find that i am weak and a liar
in such winter climates.


alex said...

this one is great, one of my favorites of yours.

waitressinpurgatory said...

this is hot, winter climates are hell on integrity.

wildchild said...

okay, this rates up there with graveflower for me. STUNNING.

Elly said...

i'm just going to revert to "yeah, what he said"...cuz no matter what it is, you say it better...

seth elkins said...

thank you, to all of you. it really means a lot to me that anyone at all reads any of this shit.

Tiffany said...

this is really really fantastic! cant wait to read more..

Lola Nation said...

I liked this a lot and kind of felt that the stanza beginning "she found collapse..." was almost out of place or a side thought. I love the weakness in winter to her warmth... blindfolds clumsily tied on the floor - you know what your into but yet... it's so comfortable...warm. Nice.

seth elkins said...

it was meant as my viewpoint of her own actions, kind of a segue of sorts to the last part.

glad you like it.