Thursday, July 14, 2011


the moment the sun rises.

where the concrete screams
and the seconds hum under the street lamps
where we shared all the space
like curtains share the windows
and lonely eyes
share a bed;
a breath;
a being;
a beginning.

there was a time
-so brief-
the darkness
shaped itself like a razor
and the old blossom died
like a static ''need''...

a place to sleep;
a place to forget;
to dissolve...

that place,
that moments,
turned to hours and
hours, turned to days
and the space in between,
a blank stare
pooling in shadows.


Tiffany said...

hell thats great! one of my favorites from you!

seth elkins said...

Thank you, Tiffany.

Colles said...

i think this is one of my fav's too. i like your wording. seconds under the street lamps makes me grow a big rubbery one.