Sunday, September 4, 2011

primary colors


what is it?

when i close my eyes
(that i should see your face?)
if i should seek your shade
(that i might find myself...

i stop forgetting
at the point that i lost
the most grateful of things
and began to remember
where we stood

-a pirouetting sunrise-

and bowed to no one-
but nonetheless,
found more solace
on our knees
than there are cracks
in the foundation

(it's good to see
you're holding up).



so many
things to say.

. . .

only so many
to include



the sun sets
on shrapnel

a piece
(if fitted)
a friend
(when appropriate)
and only just big enough
to take the "i'm"
from "immortal",
and place it fittingly
and appropriately
with and of


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