Saturday, October 15, 2011

a stomach full of halos

when the morning spreads its wings
across the dew-stained awakening
of the night before,
the leftovers of caressing the catalyst
surround the chest cavity like a wishing well-
the emptiness,
staring up, out and away
at forever abroad.

the brisk soul of autumn
will straddle the break of day,
dragging the carriage
for the coming night.

the halt of "abrupt", and,
"without warning",
are just small enough
to fit inside the cracks between
"another nuisance",
should nothing more arrive
to challenge it.

as noon
strikes the hands that announce it,
askance, this stomach full of halos
begins to churn.
presenting itself in rare form:

the bruise of acknowledgment
touches -nervelessly-
the gravity of common ground,
as it relates to commonplace,
and common law-

as to avoid the suspicions
of having held
and never known,
as it relates to having known
and never held-
for better or worse,
rather than want or ware.